Class mxMorphing

  • public class mxMorphing
    extends mxAnimation
    Provides animation effects.
    • Field Detail

      • graphComponent

        protected mxGraphComponent graphComponent
        Reference to the enclosing graph instance.
      • steps

        protected int steps
        Specifies the maximum number of steps for the morphing. Default is 6.
      • step

        protected int step
        Counts the current number of steps of the animation.
      • ease

        protected double ease
        Ease-off for movement towards the given vector. Larger values are slower and smoother. Default is 1.5.
      • origins

        protected java.util.Map<java.lang.Object,​mxPoint> origins
        Maps from cells to origins.
      • cells

        protected java.lang.Object[] cells
        Optional array of cells to limit the animation to.
    • Constructor Detail

      • mxMorphing

        public mxMorphing​(mxGraphComponent graphComponent)
        Constructs a new morphing instance for the given graph.
      • mxMorphing

        public mxMorphing​(mxGraphComponent graphComponent,
                          int steps,
                          double ease,
                          int delay)
        Constructs a new morphing instance for the given graph.
    • Method Detail

      • getSteps

        public int getSteps()
        Returns the number of steps for the animation.
      • setSteps

        public void setSteps​(int value)
        Sets the number of steps for the animation.
      • getEase

        public double getEase()
        Returns the easing for the movements.
      • setEase

        public void setEase​(double value)
        Sets the easing for the movements.
      • setCells

        public void setCells​(java.lang.Object[] value)
        Optional array of cells to be animated. If this is not specified then all cells are checked and animated if they have been moved in the current transaction.
      • stopAnimation

        public void stopAnimation()
        Description copied from class: mxAnimation
        Stops the animation by deleting the timer and fires mxEvent.DONE.
        stopAnimation in class mxAnimation
      • show

        protected void show​(mxCellStatePreview preview)
        Shows the changes in the given mxCellStatePreview.
      • animateCell

        protected void animateCell​(java.lang.Object cell,
                                   mxCellStatePreview move,
                                   boolean recurse)
        Animates the given cell state using moveState.
      • stopRecursion

        protected boolean stopRecursion​(mxCellState state,
                                        mxPoint delta)
        Returns true if the animation should not recursively find more deltas for children if the given parent state has been animated.
      • getDelta

        protected mxPoint getDelta​(mxCellState state)
        Returns the vector between the current rendered state and the future location of the state after the display will be updated.
      • getOriginForCell

        protected mxPoint getOriginForCell​(java.lang.Object cell)
        Returns the top, left corner of the given cell.
      • paint

        public void paint​(java.awt.Graphics g)