Class mxCellStatePreview

  • public class mxCellStatePreview
    extends java.lang.Object
    Represents the current state of a cell in a given graph view.
    • Field Detail

      • count

        protected int count
      • cloned

        protected boolean cloned
        Specifies if cell states should be cloned or changed in-place.
      • opacity

        protected float opacity
      • cellStates

        protected java.util.List<mxCellState> cellStates
    • Constructor Detail

      • mxCellStatePreview

        public mxCellStatePreview​(mxGraphComponent graphComponent,
                                  boolean cloned)
        Constructs a new state preview. The paint handler to invoke the paint method must be installed elsewhere.
    • Method Detail

      • isCloned

        public boolean isCloned()
      • setCloned

        public void setCloned​(boolean value)
      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()
      • getCount

        public int getCount()
      • setOpacity

        public void setOpacity​(float value)
      • getOpacity

        public float getOpacity()
      • moveState

        public mxPoint moveState​(mxCellState state,
                                 double dx,
                                 double dy,
                                 boolean add,
                                 boolean includeEdges)
      • show

        public mxRectangle show()
        Returns a dirty rectangle to be repainted in mxGraphControl.
      • restore

        public void restore​(java.util.List<mxCellState> snapshot)
      • translateState

        protected void translateState​(mxCellState parentState,
                                      mxCellState state,
                                      double dx,
                                      double dy)
      • addEdges

        public void addEdges​(mxCellState state)
      • paint

        public void paint​(java.awt.Graphics g)
      • getOpacityForCell

        protected float getOpacityForCell​(java.lang.Object cell)
      • paintPreview

        protected void paintPreview​(mxGraphics2DCanvas canvas)
        Draws the preview using the graphics canvas.
      • paintPreviewState

        protected void paintPreviewState​(mxGraphics2DCanvas canvas,
                                         mxCellState state)
        Draws the preview using the graphics canvas.