Codec for mxCells.  This class is created and registered dynamically at load time and used implicitely via mxCodec and the mxCodecRegistry.

Transient Fields

  • children
  • edges
  • states
  • overlay
  • mxTransient

Reference Fields

  • parent
  • source
  • target
mxCellCodecCodec for mxCells.
mxObjectCodecConstructs a new codec for the specified template object.



Constructs a new codec for the specified template object.  The variables in the optional exclude array are ignored by the codec.  Variables in the optional idrefs array are turned into references in the XML.  The optional mapping may be used to map from variable names to XML attributes.


templatePrototypical instance of the object to be encoded/decoded.
excludeOptional array of fieldnames to be ignored.
idrefsOptional array of fieldnames to be converted to/from references.
mappingOptional mapping from field- to attributenames.
Cells are the elements of the graph model.
XML codec for PHP object graphs.
A class to register codecs for objects.