Class mxLayoutManager

  • public class mxLayoutManager
    extends mxEventSource
    Implements a layout manager that updates the layout for a given transaction. The following example installs an automatic tree layout in a graph: new mxLayoutManager(graph) { mxCompactTreeLayout layout = new mxCompactTreeLayout(graph); public mxIGraphLayout getLayout(Object parent) { if (graph.getModel().getChildCount(parent) > 0) { return layout; } return null; } }; This class fires the following event: mxEvent.LAYOUT_CELLS fires between begin- and endUpdate after all cells have been layouted in layoutCells. The cells property contains all cells that have been passed to layoutCells.
    • Field Detail

      • graph

        protected mxGraph graph
        Defines the type of the source or target terminal. The type is a string passed to to check if the rule applies to a cell.
      • enabled

        protected boolean enabled
        Optional string that specifies the value of the attribute to be passed to to check if the rule applies to a cell. Default is true.
      • bubbling

        protected boolean bubbling
        Optional string that specifies the attributename to be passed to to check if the rule applies to a cell. Default is true.
    • Constructor Detail

      • mxLayoutManager

        public mxLayoutManager​(mxGraph graph)
    • Method Detail

      • isEnabled

        public boolean isEnabled()
        the enabled
      • setEnabled

        public void setEnabled​(boolean value)
        value - the enabled to set
      • isBubbling

        public boolean isBubbling()
        the bubbling
      • setBubbling

        public void setBubbling​(boolean value)
        value - the bubbling to set
      • getGraph

        public mxGraph getGraph()
        the graph
      • setGraph

        public void setGraph​(mxGraph value)
        value - the graph to set
      • getLayout

        protected mxIGraphLayout getLayout​(java.lang.Object parent)
      • cellsMoved

        protected void cellsMoved​(java.lang.Object[] cells,
                                  java.awt.Point location)
      • layoutCells

        protected void layoutCells​(java.lang.Object[] cells)
      • executeLayout

        protected void executeLayout​(mxIGraphLayout layout,
                                     java.lang.Object parent)
      • destroy

        public void destroy()