Class mxEdgeStyle

  • public class mxEdgeStyle
    extends java.lang.Object
    Provides various edge styles to be used as the values for mxConstants.STYLE_EDGE in a cell style. Alternatevly, the mxConstants. EDGESTYLE_* constants can be used to reference an edge style via the mxStyleRegistry.
    • Field Detail

      • EntityRelation

        public static mxEdgeStyle.mxEdgeStyleFunction EntityRelation
        Provides an entity relation style for edges (as used in database schema diagrams).
      • ElbowConnector

        public static mxEdgeStyle.mxEdgeStyleFunction ElbowConnector
        Uses either SideToSide or TopToBottom depending on the horizontal flag in the cell style. SideToSide is used if horizontal is true or unspecified.
      • SegmentConnector

        public static mxEdgeStyle.mxEdgeStyleFunction SegmentConnector
        Implements an orthogonal edge style. Use as an interactive handler for this style.
      • orthBuffer

        public static double orthBuffer
      • dirVectors

        public static double[][] dirVectors
      • wayPoints1

        public static double[][] wayPoints1
      • routePatterns

        public static int[][][] routePatterns
        The default routing patterns for orthogonal connections
      • inlineRoutePatterns

        public static int[][][] inlineRoutePatterns
        Overriden routing patterns for orthogonal connections where the vertices have
      • vertexSeperations

        public static double[] vertexSeperations
      • limits

        public static double[][] limits
      • LEFT_MASK

        public static int LEFT_MASK
      • TOP_MASK

        public static int TOP_MASK
      • RIGHT_MASK

        public static int RIGHT_MASK

        public static int BOTTOM_MASK
      • LEFT

        public static int LEFT
      • TOP

        public static int TOP
      • RIGHT

        public static int RIGHT
      • BOTTOM

        public static int BOTTOM
      • SIDE_MASK

        public static int SIDE_MASK

        public static int CENTER_MASK

        public static int SOURCE_MASK

        public static int TARGET_MASK

        public static int VERTEX_MASK
      • vertBendProportion

        public static double vertBendProportion
      • hozBendProportion

        public static double hozBendProportion
      • OrthConnector

        public static mxEdgeStyle.mxEdgeStyleFunction OrthConnector
        An orthogonal connector that avoids connecting vertices and respects port constraints
    • Constructor Detail

      • mxEdgeStyle

        public mxEdgeStyle()