Class mxInteractiveCanvas

    • Field Detail

      • imageObserver

        protected java.awt.image.ImageObserver imageObserver
    • Constructor Detail

      • mxInteractiveCanvas

        public mxInteractiveCanvas()
      • mxInteractiveCanvas

        public mxInteractiveCanvas​(java.awt.image.ImageObserver imageObserver)
    • Method Detail

      • setImageObserver

        public void setImageObserver​(java.awt.image.ImageObserver value)
      • getImageObserver

        public java.awt.image.ImageObserver getImageObserver()
      • drawImageImpl

        protected void drawImageImpl​(java.awt.Image image,
                                     int x,
                                     int y)
        Overrides graphics call to use image observer.
        drawImageImpl in class mxGraphics2DCanvas
      • getImageSize

        protected java.awt.Dimension getImageSize​(java.awt.Image image)
        Returns the size for the given image.
        getImageSize in class mxGraphics2DCanvas
      • hitSwimlaneContent

        public boolean hitSwimlaneContent​(mxGraphComponent graphComponent,
                                          mxCellState swimlane,
                                          int x,
                                          int y)
        Returns true if the given point is inside the content area of the given swimlane. (The content area of swimlanes is transparent to events.) This implementation does not check if the given state is a swimlane, it is assumed that the caller has checked this before using this method.