Class mxCellEditor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class mxCellEditor
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements mxICellEditor
    To control this editor, use mxGraph.invokesStopCellEditing, mxGraph. enterStopsCellEditing and mxGraph.escapeEnabled.
    • Field Detail


        public static int DEFAULT_MIN_WIDTH

        public static int DEFAULT_MIN_HEIGHT

        public static double DEFAULT_MINIMUM_EDITOR_SCALE
      • minimumEditorScale

        protected double minimumEditorScale
        Defines the minimum scale to be used for the editor. Set this to 0 if the font size in the editor
      • minimumWidth

        protected int minimumWidth
      • minimumHeight

        protected int minimumHeight
      • editingCell

        protected transient java.lang.Object editingCell
      • trigger

        protected transient java.util.EventObject trigger
      • scrollPane

        protected transient javax.swing.JScrollPane scrollPane
      • textArea

        protected transient javax.swing.JTextArea textArea
        Holds the editor for plain text editing.
      • editorPane

        protected transient javax.swing.JEditorPane editorPane
        Holds the editor for HTML editing.
      • extractHtmlBody

        protected boolean extractHtmlBody
        Specifies if the text content of the HTML body should be extracted before and after editing for HTML markup. Default is true.
      • replaceLinefeeds

        protected boolean replaceLinefeeds
        Specifies if linefeeds should be replaced with BREAKS before editing, and BREAKS should be replaced with linefeeds after editing. This value is ignored if extractHtmlBody is false. Default is true.
      • shiftEnterSubmitsText

        protected boolean shiftEnterSubmitsText
        Specifies if shift ENTER should submit text if enterStopsCellEditing is true. Default is false.
      • cancelEditingAction

        protected javax.swing.AbstractAction cancelEditingAction
      • textSubmitAction

        protected javax.swing.AbstractAction textSubmitAction
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    • Method Detail

      • isExtractHtmlBody

        public boolean isExtractHtmlBody()
        Returns replaceHtmlLinefeeds
      • setExtractHtmlBody

        public void setExtractHtmlBody​(boolean value)
        Sets extractHtmlBody
      • isReplaceHtmlLinefeeds

        public boolean isReplaceHtmlLinefeeds()
        Returns replaceHtmlLinefeeds
      • setReplaceHtmlLinefeeds

        public void setReplaceHtmlLinefeeds​(boolean value)
        Sets replaceHtmlLinefeeds
      • isShiftEnterSubmitsText

        public boolean isShiftEnterSubmitsText()
        Returns shiftEnterSubmitsText
      • setShiftEnterSubmitsText

        public void setShiftEnterSubmitsText​(boolean value)
        Sets shiftEnterSubmitsText
      • configureActionMaps

        protected void configureActionMaps()
        Installs the keyListener in the textArea and editorPane for handling the enter keystroke and updating the modified state.
      • getEditor

        public java.awt.Component getEditor()
        Returns the current editor or null if no editing is in progress.
      • useLabelBounds

        protected boolean useLabelBounds​(mxCellState state)
        Returns true if the label bounds of the state should be used for the editor.
      • getEditorBounds

        public java.awt.Rectangle getEditorBounds​(mxCellState state,
                                                  double scale)
        Returns the bounds to be used for the editor.
      • startEditing

        public void startEditing​(java.lang.Object cell,
                                 java.util.EventObject evt)
        Description copied from interface: mxICellEditor
        Starts editing the given cell.
        Specified by:
        startEditing in interface mxICellEditor
      • isHideLabel

        protected boolean isHideLabel​(mxCellState state)
      • stopEditing

        public void stopEditing​(boolean cancel)
        Description copied from interface: mxICellEditor
        Stops the current editing.
        Specified by:
        stopEditing in interface mxICellEditor
      • getInitialValue

        protected java.lang.String getInitialValue​(mxCellState state,
                                                   java.util.EventObject trigger)
        Gets the initial editing value for the given cell.
      • getCurrentValue

        public java.lang.String getCurrentValue()
        Returns the current editing value.
      • getEditingCell

        public java.lang.Object getEditingCell()
        Description copied from interface: mxICellEditor
        Returns the cell that is currently being edited.
        Specified by:
        getEditingCell in interface mxICellEditor
      • getMinimumEditorScale

        public double getMinimumEditorScale()
        the minimumEditorScale
      • setMinimumEditorScale

        public void setMinimumEditorScale​(double minimumEditorScale)
        minimumEditorScale - the minimumEditorScale to set
      • getMinimumWidth

        public int getMinimumWidth()
        the minimumWidth
      • setMinimumWidth

        public void setMinimumWidth​(int minimumWidth)
        minimumWidth - the minimumWidth to set
      • getMinimumHeight

        public int getMinimumHeight()
        the minimumHeight
      • setMinimumHeight

        public void setMinimumHeight​(int minimumHeight)
        minimumHeight - the minimumHeight to set