Class mxConnectPreview

  • public class mxConnectPreview
    extends mxEventSource
    Connection handler creates new connections between cells. This control is used to display the connector icon, while the preview is used to draw the line.
    • Constructor Detail

      • mxConnectPreview

        public mxConnectPreview​(mxGraphComponent graphComponent)
        graphComponent -
    • Method Detail

      • createCell

        protected java.lang.Object createCell​(mxCellState startState,
                                              java.lang.String style)
        Creates a new instance of mxShape for previewing the edge.
      • isActive

        public boolean isActive()
      • getPreviewState

        public mxCellState getPreviewState()
      • getStartPoint

        public mxPoint getStartPoint()
      • start

        public void start​(java.awt.event.MouseEvent e,
                          mxCellState startState,
                          java.lang.String style)
        Updates the style of the edge preview from the incoming edge
      • update

        public void update​(java.awt.event.MouseEvent e,
                           mxCellState targetState,
                           double x,
                           double y)
      • getDirtyRect

        protected java.awt.Rectangle getDirtyRect()
      • getDirtyRect

        protected java.awt.Rectangle getDirtyRect​(mxRectangle dirty)
      • transformScreenPoint

        protected mxPoint transformScreenPoint​(double x,
                                               double y)
      • revalidate

        public void revalidate​(mxCellState state)
      • paint

        public void paint​(java.awt.Graphics g)
      • paintPreview

        protected void paintPreview​(mxGraphics2DCanvas canvas)
        Draws the preview using the graphics canvas.
      • stop

        public java.lang.Object stop​(boolean commit)
      • stop

        public java.lang.Object stop​(boolean commit,
                                     java.awt.event.MouseEvent e)