Class mxCompactTreeLayout

    • Field Detail

      • horizontal

        protected boolean horizontal
        Specifies the orientation of the layout. Default is true.
      • invert

        protected boolean invert
        Specifies if edge directions should be inverted. Default is false.
      • resizeParent

        protected boolean resizeParent
        If the parents should be resized to match the width/height of the children. Default is true.
      • groupPadding

        protected int groupPadding
        Padding added to resized parents
      • parentsChanged

        protected java.util.Set<java.lang.Object> parentsChanged
        A set of the parents that need updating based on children process as part of the layout
      • moveTree

        protected boolean moveTree
        Specifies if the tree should be moved to the top, left corner if it is inside a top-level layer. Default is false.
      • resetEdges

        protected boolean resetEdges
        Specifies if all edge points of traversed edges should be removed. Default is true.
      • levelDistance

        protected int levelDistance
        Holds the levelDistance. Default is 10.
      • nodeDistance

        protected int nodeDistance
        Holds the nodeDistance. Default is 20.
      • prefHozEdgeSep

        protected int prefHozEdgeSep
        The preferred horizontal distance between edges exiting a vertex
      • prefVertEdgeOff

        protected int prefVertEdgeOff
        The preferred vertical offset between edges exiting a vertex
      • minEdgeJetty

        protected int minEdgeJetty
        The minimum distance for an edge jetty from a vertex
      • channelBuffer

        protected int channelBuffer
        The size of the vertical buffer in the center of inter-rank channels where edge control points should not be placed
      • edgeRouting

        protected boolean edgeRouting
        Whether or not to apply the internal tree edge routing
    • Constructor Detail

      • mxCompactTreeLayout

        public mxCompactTreeLayout​(mxGraph graph)
        graph -
      • mxCompactTreeLayout

        public mxCompactTreeLayout​(mxGraph graph,
                                   boolean horizontal)
        graph -
        horizontal -
      • mxCompactTreeLayout

        public mxCompactTreeLayout​(mxGraph graph,
                                   boolean horizontal,
                                   boolean invert)
        graph -
        horizontal -
        invert -
    • Method Detail

      • isVertexIgnored

        public boolean isVertexIgnored​(java.lang.Object vertex)
        Returns a boolean indicating if the given should be ignored as a vertex. This returns true if the cell has no connections.
        isVertexIgnored in class mxGraphLayout
        vertex - Object that represents the vertex to be tested.
        Returns true if the vertex should be ignored.
      • isHorizontal

        public boolean isHorizontal()
        the horizontal
      • setHorizontal

        public void setHorizontal​(boolean horizontal)
        horizontal - the horizontal to set
      • isInvert

        public boolean isInvert()
        the invert
      • setInvert

        public void setInvert​(boolean invert)
        invert - the invert to set
      • isResizeParent

        public boolean isResizeParent()
        the resizeParent
      • setResizeParent

        public void setResizeParent​(boolean resizeParent)
        resizeParent - the resizeParent to set
      • isMoveTree

        public boolean isMoveTree()
        the moveTree
      • setMoveTree

        public void setMoveTree​(boolean moveTree)
        moveTree - the moveTree to set
      • isResetEdges

        public boolean isResetEdges()
        the resetEdges
      • setResetEdges

        public void setResetEdges​(boolean resetEdges)
        resetEdges - the resetEdges to set
      • isEdgeRouting

        public boolean isEdgeRouting()
      • setEdgeRouting

        public void setEdgeRouting​(boolean edgeRouting)
      • getLevelDistance

        public int getLevelDistance()
        the levelDistance
      • setLevelDistance

        public void setLevelDistance​(int levelDistance)
        levelDistance - the levelDistance to set
      • getNodeDistance

        public int getNodeDistance()
        the nodeDistance
      • setNodeDistance

        public void setNodeDistance​(int nodeDistance)
        nodeDistance - the nodeDistance to set
      • getGroupPadding

        public double getGroupPadding()
      • setGroupPadding

        public void setGroupPadding​(int groupPadding)
      • execute

        public void execute​(java.lang.Object parent)
        Description copied from interface: mxIGraphLayout
        Executes the layout for the children of the specified parent.
        Specified by:
        execute in interface mxIGraphLayout
        execute in class mxGraphLayout
        parent - Parent cell that contains the children to be layed out.
      • execute

        public void execute​(java.lang.Object parent,
                            java.lang.Object root)
        Implements . If the parent has any connected edges, then it is used as the root of the tree. Else, will be used to find a suitable root node within the set of children of the given parent.
      • findTreeRoots

        public java.util.List<java.lang.Object> findTreeRoots​(java.lang.Object parent,
                                                              boolean invert)
        Returns all visible children in the given parent which do not have incoming edges. If the result is empty then the children with the maximum difference between incoming and outgoing edges are returned. This takes into account edges that are being promoted to the given root due to invisible children or collapsed cells.
        parent - Cell whose children should be checked.
        invert - Specifies if outgoing or incoming edges should be counted for a tree root. If false then outgoing edges will be counted.
        List of tree roots in parent.
      • moveNode

        protected void moveNode​(mxCompactTreeLayout.TreeNode node,
                                double dx,
                                double dy)
        Moves the specified node and all of its children by the given amount.
      • dfs

        protected mxCompactTreeLayout.TreeNode dfs​(java.lang.Object cell,
                                                   java.lang.Object parent,
                                                   java.util.Set<java.lang.Object> visited)
        Does a depth first search starting at the specified cell. Makes sure the specified parent is never left by the algorithm.
      • offset

        protected double offset​(double p1,
                                double p2,
                                double a1,
                                double a2,
                                double b1,
                                double b2)
      • adjustParents

        protected void adjustParents()
        Adjust parent cells whose child geometries have changed. The default implementation adjusts the group to just fit around the children with a padding.
      • localEdgeProcessing

        protected void localEdgeProcessing​(mxCompactTreeLayout.TreeNode node)
        Moves the specified node and all of its children by the given amount.
      • processNodeOutgoing

        protected void processNodeOutgoing​(mxCompactTreeLayout.TreeNode node)
        Separates the x position of edges as they connect to vertices
        node - the root node of the tree