Class mxGeneratorRandomFunction

    • Constructor Detail

      • mxGeneratorRandomFunction

        public mxGeneratorRandomFunction​(double minWeight,
                                         double maxWeight,
                                         int roundToDecimals)
    • Method Detail

      • getCost

        public double getCost​(mxCellState state)
        Description copied from interface: mxICostFunction
        Evaluates the cost of the given cell state.
        state - The cell state to be evaluated
        Returns the cost to traverse the given cell state.
      • getMaxWeight

        public double getMaxWeight()
      • setWeightRange

        public void setWeightRange​(double minWeight,
                                   double maxWeight)
      • getMinWeight

        public double getMinWeight()
      • getRoundToDecimals

        public int getRoundToDecimals()
      • setRoundToDecimals

        public void setRoundToDecimals​(int roundToDecimals)